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Wendy Rae Fiallo


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Discover a new level of beauty and divination with Wendy Rae Fiallo. As an intuitive, published and award-winning makeup artist and astrologer, Wendy has been in the industry for more than two decades and has had the pleasure of traveling coast to coast to serve her clients. Thus Wendy has honed her skills in precision, diversity and customization. As a co-creator and Glam Director of North Carolina's top photography and glam studio, Wendy Rae also teaches makeup enthusiasts and artists alike using her personally curated and published courseware. Wendy is also a certified astrologer and offers insightful chart readings for those looking to ascend in personal growth and self-cultivation.


Loving, sassy and a bit mama-bearish: I adore what I do. My personality is best described as an ambivert: I love people and connecting with them, but I also need my alone time to re-energize. I'm passionate about all living things, from people to animals, to plants and trees. I'm an interior design enthusiast and love nothing more than working with my hands. I'm married to my high school sweetheart and adore my family. I'm a proud plant mom and love all types of music, from EDM to rap to jazz.

Also, I'm not afraid to drop an F-bomb for seasoning!


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a few glowing love notes

"Before meeting Wendy I heard nothing but amazing things about her. I’ve followed her on IG for a little bit and when she started to introduce Birth Charts, it intrigued me and I knew I needed to have her do mine. We met the first time the day of my reading and, honestly, she has such a warm welcoming about her like I’ve know her for so long. She is genuine, warm, and never once felt like a stranger. Then again, she was about to go into my past life, my present life, and my future without judgment. During my birth chart she brought me to tears with knowing and understanding the struggles I’ve dealt with for so long and made me understand how much l’m really worth and it all starts with me. She gave so much insight of how to move forward now and in the future. She’s truly a blessing and so intuitive with the process. It was the most perfect meeting and she is just absolutely amazing!"

Megan L. , North Carolina


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For inquiries, questions or concerns, please feel free to send an email! Response time varies between 24-48 hours. 


1308 Morganton Road, Fayetteville NC 28306

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Saturday & Sunday

10:00 am - 7:00 pm

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